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TRECA's decades of sleep studies, advanced traditions and constant innovations have led to the creation of the most ergonomic mattresses in the world! TRECA uses only natural materials - silk, cotton, cashmere. Handmade! TRECA is the choice of Nicholas Sarkozy, Abu Dhabi and the Indian Royal family and Hermes bedroom furniture manufacturers.

Treca - Platinum

Treca - Platinum

Treca - Prestige

Treca - Prestige

Treca - Innovation

Treca - Innovation

Mattresses of unsurpassed quality

Only Premium class mattresses can offer maximum comfort both during sleep and while resting in bed. Choose one of them in the KRASSKY catalog, which has selected mattress models with excellence in every detail!

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What qualities does a high-quality bed mattress embody?

What is the secret of a quality mattress? The answer to this question is simple - it is important that its manufacturer has taken care of:

  • use of natural and high-quality materials - it is undeniable that the best mattresses are made from materials found in nature and distinguished by excellent thermoregulation and pleasant touch;
  • the quality of the mattress construction - one example is the Treca brand mattresses, in which each spring is placed in a separate compartment. Such a solution ensures a significantly longer life of the mattress and maximum comfort, because the mattress takes the shape of the body, and you are not affected by the movements of the person sleeping next to you;
  • the possibility to adapt the mattress model to the wishes and needs of the user - it is essential that the mattress is comfortable and that sleeping in it brings pleasant feelings. Sometimes this is possible only if the mattress is adjusted individually, taking into account both body weight and length, as well as the wishes of the sleeper.

All the advantages just mentioned are offered by the French manufacturer Treca mattresses, which are created by hand. Mattresses of this brand are chosen by people all over the world for their bedroom.

Treca – the best mattresses for your comfort

Treca is a company founded in France in 1935, which has been creating excellent beds, mattresses and accessories since its inception. Over the decades, the knowledge gained in production has been passed down from generation to generation, at the same time introducing a series of modern and useful innovations. Special attention is paid to the selection of materials at the Treca production facility, so that the bed mattresses not only provide maximum comfort, but also can be easily maintained.

Every bed mattress in the Treca collection stands out with uncompromising quality, but they can be individually customized. The buyer can choose the length and width of the mattress, degree of hardness, covering material. Treca also offers mattresses that can be chosen with a different degree of hardness on each side of the mattress.

Additional comfort is provided by models with a summer and winter side. The summer side uses cooling materials (silk, linen, bamboo fibers) and a harder surface, while the winter side is softer and uses materials such as cashmere, silk, camel wool.

Which mattress to choose for your bedroom?

If you are not sure which mattress to choose, KRASSKY specialists can give you useful and professional recommendations. The sale of world-famous brands of mattresses, furniture, sanitary ware, decor and other products necessary for the home is only one of the directions in which we operate. We also offer our customers a turn-key solution, which includes:

  • getting to know the client's wishes;
  • project visualization;
  • preparation of the offer;
  • development of interior technical project and design concept;
  • product ordering and delivery;
  • creation of the functional plan of the premises;
  • finishing, assembly and installation.

We achieve a perfect result in every order, fitting within the specific budget.

If you also want the benefits of top-quality mattresses, you've come to the right place - KRASSKY offers specially selected products only from the best brands. Check it out not only on our website, but also in person at the KRASSKY interior salon in Riga, Duntes Street 3!

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