Italian furniture brand Roda is part of an articulate, complex and complete project designed to enhance gardens, patios, terraces and other outdoor spaces. It creates beautiful, comfortable and durable outdoor spaces where colours, materials and shapes enhance the value of the spontaneity of living in plein air. Company opens a new era in the outdoor furniture sector, a more contemporary dimension of living that goes beyond the borders of the house. Indoor and outdoor mingle with a harmonic language, in a spatial and conceptual continuum.
The quality and durability, an attentive research of the finishes mixed with an extreme care of details to offer great durability and comfort. An accurate choice of the materials, such as solid teak, natural stones and stainless steel acquires an authentic and experienced attitude influenced by the weather conditions. Ranging from outdoor sofas, side tables and poufs to lounge chairs, sun loungers and lunch tables, each piece of furniture is unique and contemporary, characterised by a strong personality.

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