CP Parquet

Wooden floors of CP Parquet bring the sensation of walking on nature indoors for over 40 years. Inspired by holistic design, parquet floors are made by not only considering the aesthetic appearance and functionality, but also the strong relationship between the people and the environment.  When walking barefoot on the parquet boards, one connects physically and also energetically with the wooden floor. Company invests a lot to protect the environment and ensure the regeneration of the ecosystem through responsible and sustainable behaviour.

These natural wooden floors are made to nourish the green soul of the home and take care of wellbeing, thanks to the innovative finishes with water-based paints and glues with very low emissions. CP Parquet floors are made by master craftsmen, all the finishes are made by hand in Italy, with the utmost attention to detail, reflecting the deep spirit of the wood, its materiality, the knots, the natural cracks and the grains. The natural raw material clad in 2 or 3 layers guarantees the best stability and durability. A significant thickness of 5 mm defines the noble layer, conveying resistance to wear and walking.

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