CMO Paris

In 20 years of existence, textiles of CMO Paris have adorned remarkable places where excellence is always welcome. Company assures that interior design really succeeds when it engages us sensorially. It creates singular yet timeless materials for refined interiors that call for tactile, radiant, vibrant substance. The collections with art-like wall coverings and upholstery fabrics suit the creation of blinds, panel curtains, seats and other.

Natural fibres are chosen for their delicacy and the richness of their imperfections to be directly magnified on a handloom. Drawing out the strands, spinning the yarn, weaving or braiding – some of these techniques can be found nowhere else in the world. For the finest pieces of CMO Paris minimalistic and naturalistic collections wild and natural fibres are used: vetiver, abaca, hemp, raffia, palm leaf, water hyacinth. They grow where they are traditionally woven, in the Philippines, Indonesia and other faraway regions unspoiled by the hubbub of cities. Wall coverings for the finest public and private interiors across the globe shine with rare natural materials, finest craftsmanship and precious textures.

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